Dr. Peter Kreuz

„He plays a key role as a management thought leader in Germany.“


(news magazine)

The bestselling author and internationally acclaimed speaker Peter Kreuz is definitely not your typical management expert in a grey suit. He represents a new generation of Europe-based management thinkers.

His style: Entertaining and fun, provocative and with a strong bias towards action. 

His mission: Help organizations identify growth opportunities and game-changing strategies. 

It’s all about innovation, energy and change. 

Peter’s clients include many of the world’s most admired organizations, including 3M, Bosch, BMW, Daimler, Gore, IBM, Microsoft, Nestlé, SAP, Siemens, Swisscom and Xerox. 

Dr. Peter Kreuz hält Vorträge, virtuelle Keynotes oder Innovations-Sessions in Deutsch oder Englisch
„Your excellent keynote presentation highlighted the realities of a globalized digital economy and the changing world of work as well as the need for a radical shift in our mindset. Your presentation triggered a lot of positive energy.“

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

„Your keynote speech was outstanding in absolutely every way. Full of energy and brilliance. Full of depth and inspiration. You inspired over 5,000 attendees.“

Persona  Service

„Inspiring, thrilling and groundbreaking – a very special keynote!“

Bayreuther Ökonomiekongress

„You have helped us to broaden our vision beyond the narrow boundaries of our industry to the infinity of the horizon.“

Mars Inc.

„Everyone went home with new ideas and motivated to act.“


„Your presentation was awesome. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Easy-going, funny, with a lot of wisdom!“

BAMF – Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

„A refreshing look at the bigger picture! The outstanding feedback shows that there is a real yearning for this.“


„Your keynote was inspiring, exciting and a wonderful kick-off. Thank you again, especially for the direct references to our core business.“

Deutsche Telekom

Keynotes & 

Keynotes & 

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For those who want to make a difference

Peter Kreuz has given keynote speeches in more than 30 countries over the past two decades – at management conferences, client events, innovation days, and business congresses.

In German and English, Peter shows how leaders and their teams can successfully navigate an environment of digitalization, disruption, and complexity – making themselves fit for the future.

His keynotes are… 

A breath of fresh air

Entertaining, thought-provoking and passionate, Peter doesn’t just talk about being different, he inspires people to be different. 

A roadmap for success

Peter challenges his audience to step out of the prevailing paradigm and question taken-for-granted assumptions. 

A source of inspiration and encouragement

Peter inspires you with the desire to move forward and carve out your own clear-cut profile. 

From the chemical industry, telecommunications, financial services, professional services, health care, manufacturing and distribution, publishing, hospitality, and to regional business associations – Peter has addressed hundreds of audiences from countless fields around the world.

His messages, stories, and practical lessons equip leaders with powerful next practices that amount to a business plan for the 21st century. His dynamic keynotes have a lasting impact on his audiences, leaving them energized with fresh ideas for improving themselves and their organizations.


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Creating adaptable, innovative, and inspiring organizations

Dr. Peter Kreuz - »Rebels at Work«-Gründer, Autor, Keynotespeaker

In today’s digital world, there are those who disrupt – and those who will be disrupted.

You cannot stand out from the crowd if you are content with doing things a little better than everybody else or a little differently from how you did them in the past. The only way to make a difference is to stand for something special. Originality has become the litmus test of strategy.


Smart innovators look at industries outside of their own as a way to leapfrog their rivals. Looking for ideas in unfamiliar fields is not just about relocating ideas but also about reimagining what is possible.


The essence of creativity is figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think.


The notion of the visionary leader as the captain of the ship is bankrupt. Value is created at the intersection of the organization and its customers. The managers job is to enable innovation at that interface, which is completely different from the command and control model.

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„His books are a blueprint for intelligent rule-breaking.“

Hamburger Abendblatt




A Crash Course in Lateral Business Thinking

In today’s surplus society we are faced with endless choices, but, while everything may be better, brighter, and more varied, it is also increasingly the same. Companies have defined so many best practices that they are now more or less identical. To grow, they need to break out of a vicious cycle of competitive benchmarking and imitation.

Business Book
of the Year Award

Financial Times Bestseller

Also available in German, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese 
and many other languages



Creative Strategies for Developing the Innovative Business

Written in a fully accessible and practical style, Different Thinking offers business and management practitioners the opportunity to re-energize, transform, and significantly increase the value of their organizations. This book clearly demonstrates that the future belongs to those who dare to take risks and are willing to challenge seemingly irrefutable ‘laws’ of their industry, and who seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

International bestseller

Also available in German, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese 
and many other languages

Rebels at Work

„Rebels at Work are the pioneers of an unfolding future. They are changing the way things are done — providing new approaches, strategies, and outlooks, as well as better ways to compete, lead, and succeed in the twenty-first century.“

Peter Kreuz

at Work

„Rebels at Work are the pioneers of an unfolding future. They are changing the way things are done—providing new approaches, strategies, and outlooks, as well as better ways to compete, lead, and succeed in the twenty-first century.“

Peter Kreuz

Rebels at Work is the community founded by Peter Kreuz and Anja Förster that reaches nearly 100,000 people. 

People who drive new thinking, not with a hammer but with their brains. 

People who are not afraid to question the status quo, provoking learning reactions in their organizations. People who, regardless of their position, break down outdated structures and reshape collaboration and leadership. 

Not because it’s easy.
But because it’s worth doing.

Because every organization needs bold change-makers who are committed to ideas that contradict „business as usual.“ Change agents who inspire others to transform companies from within.

Dr. Peter Kreuz

„A revelation for those seeking to make a difference and have the courage to move forward and try something new.“

Manager Magazin

Dr. Peter Kreuz

„A revelation for those seeking to make a difference and having the courage to move forward and try something new.“
Manager Magazin

Dr. Peter Kreuz

Dr. Peter Kreuz

The German news magazine Focus writes „Peter Kreuz plays a key role as a management thought leader in Germany“ who encourages executives and teams to break free from conventional thinking, take off blinders and leave the beaten path.

„With lots of mental images and a cheeky tone, Peter Kreuz makes the case for thinking differently and bringing boldness, joy and passion back into everyday business life“ – writes Manager Magazin, Germany.

Dr. Peter Kreuz is a passionate thought leader for the changing world of work and a trusted sparring partner of executives and CEOs. He is co-founder of the Rebels at Work initiative and one of Europe’s most sought after keynote speakers.

"I firmly believe that business can be colorful, exciting and energetic - if we choose to make it so. I believe that everyone has the choice to be a leading player in their workplace - rather than a bench warmer."

Dr. Peter Kreuz

His books, which he co-authored with Anja Förster, are – according to Hamburger Abendblatt – „a blueprint for intelligently breaking the rules.“

Accolades, such as Business Book of the Year, Career Book of the Year, Financial Times Bestseller, SPIEGEL Bestseller, Manager Magazin Bestseller and Handelsblatt Bestseller, are both a motivation and responsibility for him to continue his inspiring journey. 


Dr. Peter Kreuz comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Self-determined work has always been essential for him. He studied business administration in Germany, earned an MBA in the U.S. and a PhD in social and economic sciences. He lived and worked in the U.S., was a manager at Andersen Consulting and Assistant Professor for International Marketing & Management at the Vienna University of Economics.
All of which may be very appealing, but was not self-determined enough for him. So, it was only a logical step to start his own company in 2003.

What drives me

„Doing something. That’s the crucial point for me. When I decide, order, create and bring ideas together, I feel most at ease. One of my strongest drives is independence. As a management consultant or as a professor at a university, I would have lost my autonomy. That’s why I abandoned that path and the status that came with it. For me, independence means the freedom to live a life that doesn’t have to conform to the expectations of others.“

What I like

„The first cup of coffee in the morning. Looking behind the curtains. Sports – sports – sports, especially crossing the Alps by mountain bike, half-marathons and sailing. Travel off the beaten path. Self-determination. Architecture by Frank Gehry. Big airports with their bustling activity. Rebels. Rolling Stones – and Sympathy For The Devil.“

What I don’t like

„Complacency, establishment, and a fixed mindset. Doubters, bureaucrats and advocates of the status quo. Thoughtless consumption. Excessiveness. Empty chatter. Intellectual and other fast food. TV. Opinion poopers. People making loud noises at the gym. Babbling about cars, watches, wine and cigars. People who spontaneously and without any preparation find fault with practically everything.“

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